Top Album 2010

Véritable marronnier, le top de fin d'année est un passage obligé pour chaque blog musical digne de ce nom. Celui-ci n'y échappe pas, pour la 4ème année consécutive, et dévoile son classement subjectif des 50 meilleurs albums de 2010. Qui succèdera à Blonde Redhead, Robin Foster et Sébastien Schuller ?

50. Color Of Clouds

Satellite of Love


49. Olivia Pedroli

The Den 

 "A Path"

48. Lali Puna

Our Inventions 

 "Remember ?"

47. Small Black

New Chain 


46. Sambassadeur



45. Pepper Rabbit


 "Older Brother"

44. Rökkurró

Í Annan Heim


43. Gregory & The Hawk


 "Puller Return"

42. Lost In The Trees

All Alone in an Empty House 


41. Allo, Darlin'

Allo, Darlin' 


40. Maximilian Hecker

I am Nothing but Emotion, No Human Being, No Son, Never Again Son 

 "Holy Dungeon"

39. Ólafur Arnalds

... And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness


38. A Silver Mt. Zion

Kollaps Tradixionales

 "I Built Myself a Metal Bird"

37. Owen Pallett


 "Keep the Dog Quiet"

36. Sufjan Stevens

The Age of Adz

 "Too Much"

35. Hildur Guðnadóttir

Mount A 


34. The Besnard Lakes

Are the Roaring Night 


33. Under Byen

Alt Er Tabt

 "Kapitel 1"

32. Beach House

Teen Dream 


31. Crocodiles

Sleep Forever 

 "Hearts of Love"

30. Syd Matters


 "Hi Life"

29. Agnes Obel



28. Deerhunter

Halcyon Digest 


27. Arcade Fire

The Suburbs

 "Ready to Start"

26. Yann Tiersen

Dust Lane 

 "Dust Lane"

25. Saycet

Through the Window 


24. Belle and Sebastian

Write about Love 

 "I Want the World to Stop"

23. Shannon Wright

Secret Blood 

 "Dim Reader"

22. Houses

All Night 


21. Blonde Redhead

Penny Sparkle 

 "Not Getting There"

20. Entertainment For The Braindead



19. The Innocence Mission

My Room in the Trees 

 "Rain (Setting Out in the Leaf Boat)"

18. Standard Fare

The Noyelle Beat 


17. MGMT


 "Siberian Breaks"

16. Sun Kil Moon

Admiral Fell Promises


15. Mice Parade

What it Means to be Left-Handed 


14. Seabear

We Built a Fire 

 "Lion Face Boy"



 "Over and Again"

12. Arnaud Fleurent-Didier

La Reproduction 

 "France Culture"

11. Pas De Printemps Pour Marnie

Nuit Fièvre 

 "To Love Somebody"

10. Massive Attack


 "Paradise Circus"

9. Angus & Julia Stone

Down the Way 

 "For You"

8. Musée Mécanique

Hold This Ghost 

 "Like Home"

7. Tamaryn

The Waves 

 "Love Fade"

6. Warpaint

The Fool 


5. The Radio Dept.

Clinging to a Scheme 

"Domestic Scene"

4. Stars

The Five Ghosts 

 "Dead Hearts"

3. Wild Nothing



2. Nóra

Er Einhver Að Hlusta?

 "Opin Fyrir Morði"



 "You and I"